"As early as November 1916, The Denver Post warned its readers that the marks of Estes Park's

earliest pioneers were being fast "...obliterated by the enormous development of the country as summer resort",

and that "within another year or two the last vestiges of the region's early history will have disappeared completely."


This is how we opened our introductory remarks in the book, and as we continued to write we reported that we were happy that

this prediction had not come completely true. Change is inevitable, and whether man-made of natural, we learn that change

can be beneficial or harmful. And for those of us that love the Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park area we have

learned that there has been a little of both. And so via a fairly new concept known as "rephotography", as well as the

written word we decided to document the changes in the area. Changes were sometimes meant as beneficial, and other

times were done in reckless disregard. Either way, change occurred. And that is what we tried to document.

Other times, change was almost unrecognizable! For better or for worse, you will also be able to see these examples.


We had an absolute ball doing this book. It took us a little over 4 years to do so, and I think I speak for my partners

when I say that we would do it all again in an instant! The trips we made to all the sites (sometimes more than one!),

the discovery of known as well as unknown sites and details, and the eventual results that were reflected on each page

were experiences that I will never forget. And we hopped, that through the printed page, the words and the photos,

we could somehow share with you these experiences. We knew that many of you would also like to visit these sites

by going to them whenever possible. And so we also published the GPS location along

with the photos to aid in that purpose.


This website is also another attempt to share with you the results of our book.

Following are selections of some of the sights and photos.


Estes Park From Park Hill

Estes Park From Mt Olympus

Estes-Evans Homestead Series

Stanley Hotel

Estes Park From Birch Ruins

Lonely Pine

Longs Peak - Between Two Pines



Fall River Road Series