Estes Park From the Birch Ruins

This view of the downtown are of Estes Park was taken from what I call the Birch Ruins, which is a set of ruins

of an old house built out of granite rocks. It sits up high on the edge of what is also known as the grassy knoll. The area

was recently converted over where tourists can walk to it from a small parking lot just in front of the Stanley Hotel. It is a beautiful

view from this area, and the history of the Birch ruins is quite interesting - a good reason for buying our book!


The original photo was taken by Louis McClure in ca.1908. The contemporary photo I shot in June of 2003. This photo rendered itself

to a near-perfect match. I like the fact that even the snow fields on Longs Peak and the mountain range are about the same size.

(Place mouse over the picture to freeze the current view)