Lonely (Lonesome) Pine

This is another photo that received almost fanatical popularity and became a sort of an icon for Estes Park. This lonesome pine ,

all twisted and bent found a home on top of a rock but the home exposed the tree to little nourishment and also harsh winter winds.

This is why the tree never grew over 4 feet and had it's patented shape for over 50 years. And finally, after the natural torture

of the environment, as well as the constant picking of pieces of bark by tourists for keepsakes, it succumbed to it's fate.


It is not known for sure, but it seemed that some well intentioned but mistaken individual decided to try to duplicate what only

nature can do by planting a seed in the original location of the historic tree. As can be seen, the new tree did not inherit

the character and almost spiritual charm that the original tree exhibited.


The original photo was taken by F. P. Clatworthy, amongst many others. The date was ca.1915. The original tree died

around 1949. The contemporary photograph was shot in May 2005.

(Place mouse over the picture to freeze the current view)