Your Gallery


This is your Gallery! I reserved this area for you to show and share your favorite shots.

There are so many ways to enjoy the beautiful views of the Rocky Mountain area, and your's are not exception!

For those of you who have sent in photos, thank you for sharing! And for those of you that would like to,

you can E-mail me if you would be interested in sharing some of your photos and recollections.


From Doug Bowman, a good friend of mine

Sunset on Trail Ridge Road

Evening falls, but the stunning views continue. Doug and I were still driving when most were feeling

like the day had come to an end. And we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset. At first we just stared and admired

what was going on in front of us. Then we quickly scrambled to find a safe place to stop so that we could

photograph the event. This is one of the many shots that we both were rewarded with. And when Doug and I

talk about his trip out that year in 2002, we always remember the evening with the stunning sunset!



Also from Doug Bowman

Nymph Lake

Doug and his wife are one of the many thousands of couples that enjoy the hike up to Hallets Peak each year. The trail can

take you right up to the base of a mountain named in honor of William Hallet who homesteaded and guided here in Rocky Mountain

National Park. Along the way, you have to yield to three beautiful sub-alpine lakes. This is a shot of the first one, named

"Nymph Lake". It is usually filled with lily pads which seem to flower consistently through the warmer days.